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I'm based in the San Francisco area. I love to document the color and energy of life. People, movement, nature.


Good photography is a balance of technical skill, adapting to the moment, and connecting with people. I photograph events ranging from the chaos of Burning Man to fancy dinner parties. My main interest is creative portrait work (cosplay, performance, etc.). I'm also skilled with retouching and compositing.


An unavoidable question when booking a photographer is: "how much?" And the common answer is "it depends!"

... Which is true, but doesn't really help.

As an estimate, assume about $100 per hour of shooting time. Shoots that require an assistant, booking a studio, extensive travel, or special post-processing add additional cost.

For special collaborations and opportunities, TFP (trade for shared use of images) can be an option.


You can reach me via the 'Contact' link on the page menu, or message me on Facebook by clicking on the icon below.

Thank you for your interest!

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